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Re: extract emailadress from a collection variable. I use a custom list which has three columns (people picker - which means people or group with one or more peoiple/group (s). In anotherlist when a new item is created, the (NINTEX) workflow should read out the three columns and put it in a variable. This works so far.

Yes, you can use a simple workflow to do this. I think you can even do this in only 1 action, which would be : set field in current item If not, add a first action where you assign the content of your person column to a local workflow variable of type string and then assign this variable value to your field sharedAttending.

The email address is in the database table. I quickly wrote following script which will extract the domain and will also count how many email addresses are there with the same domain address. SELECT RIGHT(Email, LEN(Email) - CHARINDEX('@', email)) Domain , COUNT(Email) EmailCount. FROM

If you are unable to see the complete URL then click the column name which will take you to column detail, you can see the intern column name at the end of browser address bar. In both pictures, you have noticed that Display is totally different from internal name. This happened when you create a list structure and after some time you get.

Another thing to note is that i just created the list and added a list column. as you can see from the below screenshots i get all of the attributes that are about a person field. You might not be getting the properties if the list or column was created a long time ago OR (something else that i have noticed) if you created your list from the.

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or. Type the action name in the Search field at the top of the action toolbar. Drag the SharePoint Online - Get members of a SharePoint group action onto the designer canvas. Click the action to open the configuration. Select a SharePoint Online connection. Note: Only the connections created with the List and libraries authentication method.

If you have installed Kutools for Excel, please do as follows:. 1.Select the cells contain the text strings. 2.Click Kutools > Text > Extract Email Address, see screenshot:. 3.And an Extract Email Address dialog box will pop out, select a cell where you want to put the result, see screenshot:. 4.Then click OK button, all the email addresses have been extracted from the text strings, see. World's simplest text tool. World's simplest browser-based utility for extracting text data from JSON data structures. Load your JSON in the input form on the left and you'll instantly get all JSON keys and values in the output area. Powerful, free, and fast. Load JSON - get text.